How to send money from PayPal to M-PESA and vice versa

How to send money from PayPal to M-PESA and vice versa How to send money from PayPal to M-Pesa

How to send money from PayPal to M-PESA

The great partnership between PayPal and Safaricom has made money transfer between the two services easier since you can now send and receive money from PayPal directly from your M-PESA account.

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Requirements to send money from PayPal to M-PESA

The requirements below show what is needed from M-PESA and PayPal users to send money between the two platforms.

You must have the following:

The above requirements must be met for any transaction to take place between the two platforms. PayPal is currently fitted with a currency calculator that converts Kenyan Shillings to any currency you choose whether it is Dollars, Euros, etc. Amounts will also be automatically calculated to Kenyan Shillings when making payments online.

How do I deposit the money to PayPal?

  1. After completing the steps above, log in to PayPal and click Top-up.
  2. Enter the amount you would like to deposit in your account in USD and it will be automatically calculated into Kenyan shillings.
  3. Open up the Lipa na M-PESA menu and click on the Pay Bill option.
  4. Enter the business number as 800088 and your phone number as the account number.
  5. Enter the amount needed and click on pay.
  6. Your new account balance can now be used to easily shop online for any products and services that support PayPal as a payment option.

How long will the changes take to be seen?

The changes to your PayPal account are made instantaneously (immediately) but can sometimes take up to 4 hours.

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