M-Pesa App review: 8 great features to check out!

M-Pesa app review M-Pesa app download M-Pesa app Kenya

So Safaricom just released the new M-Pesa app. This app has been in development for quite some time and after testing out the private Beta, Safaricom has officially released the final version of the M-Pesa app.

You can download the M-Pesa app by clicking on the links down below.

What are the features offered by the M-Pesa app?

1. M-Pesa standalone services.

m-pesa application

First of all, with the M-Pesa app, you get access to all the services offered by the M-Pesa menu in the SIM toolkit. These range from paying bills to M-shwari services.

One thing you should note is that the M-Pesa app exclusively offers M-Pesa services. For the rest of Safaricom services, you’ll need to download the mySafaricom app.

Also, you can access the M-Pesa app without a SIM card. We don’t know whether this is a bug that’ll be eventually fixed or if it’s Safaricom’s way of detaching M-Pesa services from the necessity of owning a Safaricom SIM card.

If the latter is the case, then M-Pesa app users will be able to access M-Pesa services worldwide.

2. Biometric authentication.

The M-Pesa also offers biometric authentication to launch the app and carry out transactions. The days of entering a PIN to pay for services through M-Pesa are now over.

Now, you can use your face or fingerprints to authenticate a transaction. This feature is quite convenient as it lowers the risk of someone seeing your M-Pesa PIN and makes it that much harder to lose money through unauthorised M-Pesa transactions.

3. All your frequent services in one place.

m-pesa app review
m-pesa app download

So, the M-Pesa app also compiles all your frequently used services in one tab. This enables you to quickly access the pay bill or till numbers of the businesses you often visit. This makes it faster to pay for the services or goods you just received.

  The major services included are;

  • Water and electricity bills.
  • Government services.
  • Safaricom services.
  • Tv and Internet bills.
  • Bank services.

There is also a list of popular bills that most M-Pesa users pay for. These include;

  • Safaricom postpaid.
  • Safaricom Home fibre services.
  • KPLC services.
  • DSTV, Startimes, Zuku, Viusasa, show max and GOTv services.
  • HELB services.
  • NHIF services etc.

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4. My spend

m-pesa application

You can now track and monitor your monthly expenditure! The M-Pesa app offers analytics on how much you spend per month and where you spend it.

At first, the results seemed unrealistic. But after careful calculation, I was shocked to find out I spend more money than I realise. Trust me, you’ll also be shocked to find out you have a lot of money that you never knew about.

This feature also helped out a lot in managing my funds. I ended up reducing my expenditure especially in places that aren’t necessary.

5. Request money.

Remember please call me? Well, the M-Pesa app also offers a “Please send me some money” request that sends an alert to any of your contacts to help you out with some cash.

Although his is a nice feature, I’m guessing it will be underused since there are many more convenient ways of requesting someone to send you some money such as sending a text message or making a phone call.

6. Can work without SIM card

Did we mention that the app can work without a SIM card?

This is one of the best features offered by the M-Pesa app. The necessity of SIM cards to use M-Pesa essentially locked M-Pesa services to only being accessed in areas with Safaricom network coverage.

Simply put, if there was no signal in your region or you were outside the country, you couldn’t make use of M-Pesa services.
This was a huge bummer as nowadays, many of us may need to leave the country for business trips or vacations.

You can now rest easy knowing you can access M-Pesa services wherever you are so long as you have a stable internet connection.

7. Send to many

Ever wanted to send money to multiple people at once? Well, this feature is for you. The M-Pesa has a ” Send to many” feature that essentially sends money to several people at once.

This is convenient for business owners or managers with many employees that prefer payment through M-Pesa. As of now, the number of recipients is limited to a maximum of five. Hopefully, with time, we hope that it will increase.

Please note that you will still pay for each transaction fee independently. This simply means M-Pesa will charge the usual for each recipient you sent money.

8. Offline mode

The M-Pesa app also offers functionality without an internet connection. In cases where you have no bundles or wifi connection, you can still easily carry out M-Pesa transactions.

Extra features offered by the M-Pesa app

  1. Hide M-Pesa balance: You can now hide your M-Pesa balance when using the app.
  2. Hide transaction history: You can also hide your transaction history when using the M-Pesa app.
  3. QR Code payment: You can now generate QR codes that can be used to send money directly to your M-Pesa account. This is handy as businesses can now offer you an option to pay through QR codes.


So far, the M-Pesa app has proven to be quite helpful and its functionality along with the extra features offered by the app are remarkable. 

What are your thoughts on the M-Pesa app? Is it something you would consider using or is it not worth your time? Leave your thoughts in the comments sections below.

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