Mortal Kombat 2021 News: Good or bad?

Mortal Kombat 2021 news

The word “Mortal Kombat” is a well-known term across the world. The Mortal Kombat franchise has indeed gained fame through its multiple film and video game releases. Here’s what we have about the Mortal Kombat 2021 News.

What is Mortal Kombat?

Mortal Kombat is a popular American franchise best known for its series of films and video games. The company originally began by producing a couple of arcade games which were then moved on to production for home consoles by Acclaim entertainment.

The Mortal Kombat film franchise has just had a reboot, almost 30 years since the original release. The original Mortal Kombat released in 1995, featured some popular characters in the franchise such as Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, and Sonya Blade as they battle their way through a tough journey guided by the thunder god Raiden on their quest to destroy the evil sorcerer known in the franchise as Shang Tsung.

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The plot of Mortal Kombat 2021 Film (Beware of spoilers)

The Mortal Kombat (2021) features a slightly different set of characters all still based on the original video game series.

The film starts in 17th century Japan where assassins from two rival clans (Lin Kuei and Shirai Ryu) are engaged in a heated battle. The Lin Kuei led Bi-Han attack and end up killing Hanzo Hasashi’s wife and son. Hasashi, in a fit of rage then kills all of the rival clans’ members before dying at the hand of Bi-Han.

Fast forward to the present, the Outworld realm (led by the sorcerer Shang Tsung) has won multiple fights against the Earthrealm (Led by Raiden) and the human race is in danger since one more victory by the outworld would mean an invasion of the Earthrealm.

However, not all hope is lost as an ancient prophecy is discovered which states that a new generation of heroes united by the blood of Hanzo Hasashi would rise and become champions who would fight for the Earthrealm and prevent the Outworlds invasion on the Earth.

List of Characters in Mortal Kombat (2021)

1. Scorpion (Hanzo Hashashi) – Earthrealm warrior

Scorpion is by far one of the most popular characters in the mortal Kombat franchise. “Scorpion” is an alias of the legendary warrior Hanzo Hasashi. Earlier on, Hanzo Hasashi was killed by Bi-Han in an attack that sent his soul down to the depths of hell. He then, later on, appears after being summoned by Cole young this time bearing superhuman abilities which enable him to get his revenge on Bi-Han for killing his family.

                  Powers and Abilities 
  • Hellfire: Having been reborn in the Netherealm, Scorpion can summon hell’s flames and use them as he pleases.
  • Enhanced body strength: Scorpion has superior strength compared to a normal human being.
  • Fire immunity: Being a native of the Netherealm, Scorpion is granted immunity to any flames thrown his way.
  • Teleportation: Scorpion can open portals to wherever he pleases and disappear in a ball of flames.
  • Martial Arts expert: Since he lived as a well-trained Ninja in his former life, Scorpion is well versed in martial arts.

You can learn about more of Scorpions powers and abilities here.

      2. Sub-Zero (Bi-Han) – Outworld warrior

Sub-Zero is also part of the famous characters in the Mortal Kombat franchise. Well known for his Ice powers, the words Sub-Zero can help but send a chill down your spine. Sub-Zero is an alias of Bi-Han who is part of the Lin Kuei clan and a servant of Tsang Shung. 

                  Powers and abilities
  • Manipulation of Ice: Sub-Zero can manipulate ice into any shape and form at will. 
  • Martial arts expert: Sub-Zero is a highly skilled ninja which means he also well versed in martial arts.
  • Teleportation: Sub-Zero also has the power to teleport wherever he pleases in a blast of Ice.
  • Weapon creation: Sub-Zero also can easily forge any weapon he pleases from Ice and use it in his fights.
  • Enhanced body strength: Sub-Zero also has superior strength compared to a normal human.

You can learn all about Sub-Zero’s abilities and powers here.

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      3. Raiden – Earthrealm god

One of the most beloved characters in the series is Raiden also known as the thundergod. Raiden is famous for his lightning powers and is also the protector of the Earthrealm. As a god, Raiden is one of the strongest characters in the Mortal Kombat universe. Although he is quite unbeatable, Raiden isn’t allowed to participate in any of the Mortal Kombat fights but is required to present champions that will represent the Earthrealm in the fights.

                  Powers and Abilities
  • Flight: Raiden has a lot of abilities part of which include being able to fly.
  • Electrokinesis: Raiden can channel any form of lightning and electricity and manipulate it according to his will.
  • Martial arts expert: Raiden is also highly skilled in martial arts.
  • Teleportation: Raiden can manipulate lighting and open a portal to wherever he pleases.
  • Immortality: Being a god, Raiden is granted the gift of immortality.

You can learn all about Raiden’s abilities here.

      4. Cole Young – Earthrealm warrior


Being the major protagonist in the film, Cole young is featured as a young MMA fighter who is chosen to fight in the Mortal Kombat competition. He was part of the few who had the dragon mark which meant that he was chosen to be part of the Earthrealm champions.

At first, Cole young is a regular human with no superhuman abilities which he, later on, unlocked when he needed to save his wife and daughter from being killed by one of the outworld warriors.

                  Powers and abilities
  • Martial arts expert: Being an MMA fighter, Cole Young is well versed in martial arts.
  • Supernatural Body armour: In a life or death situation, Cole young is granted protection by armour all over his body.
  • Summoning weapons: On top of his armour, Cole young can summon a blade known as Kunai which come out of his arm.

You can learn more about Cole Young here.

      5. Sonya Blade – Earthrealm warrior

Sonya Blade is also part of the main characters in the Mortal Kombat franchise. Having no dragon mark on her body, She dismissed by Raiden when she attempts to join the champions chosen to fight for the Earthrealm.

She later gains the dragon mark after killing one of the outworld warriors who betrayed the earth world champions known as Kano.

                  Powers and abilities
  • Energy blasts: Sonya can blast out pink ring-shaped energy blasts from her hands.
  • Martial arts: Being a former US soldier, Sonya is also well versed in martial arts.
  • Weapon Expert: Sonya is an expert in a range of military equipment including guns and knives.

You can learn more about Sonya’s abilities here.

      6. Kano – Earthrealm warrior

Kano is one of the best-known characters in the mortal Kombat franchise. Although born as a member of the Earthrealm, Kano later betrays the champions and joins the Outworld warriors after a promise of great wealth.

                  Powers and abilities
  • Bionic eye: Kano has a bionic eye that can shoot a deadly laser to tear up his enemies.
  • Martial arts: Being a former soldier, Kano is also well versed in martial arts.
  • Weapon Expert: Kano is really proficient in the use of military equipment including guns and knives.

You can learn more about Kano’s abilities here.

      7. Jax Briggs – Earthrealm warrior

Another famous character in the Mortal Kombat franchise is Jax. The former soldier shares a relationship with Sonya since he was a major in the US army and Sonya happened to be under his command.

After losing his arms to frostbite during a fight with Sub-Zero, Jax gets fitted with bionic arms which amplify his strength and physical prowess.

                  Powers and abilities
  • Super strength: Due to his bionic arms, Jax possesses super strength.
  • Martial arts: Being a former US soldier, Jax is also well versed in martial arts.
  • Weapon Expert: Jax is an expert in a range of military equipment including guns and knives.
  • Sound waves: Jax can throw energy blasts in form of sound waves at his opponent.

You can learn more about Jax’s abilities here.

      8. Shang Tsung – Outworld sorcerer

Shang Tsung is by far one of the most celebrated villains in the Mortal Kombat franchise. He is the leader of the outworld realm and a really strong and powerful sorcerer. He also has multiple warriors to serve in his battle against the Earthrealm. 

                  Powers and abilities
  • Black Magic: As a sorcerer of the outworld realm, Shang Tsung has access to all kinds of black magic.
  • Teleportation: Shang Tsung can teleport wherever he pleases.
  • Drain Souls: Shang Tsung can also drain the life force from any living creature which in turn makes him more powerful.
  • Martial arts expert: Shang Tsung is also well versed in a variety of martial arts.

You can learn more about Shang Tsung here.

      9. Liu Kang – Earthrealm warrior

Liu Kang is one of the most popular characters in the Mortal Kombat franchise. He is one of the Earthrealm’s greatest fighters and is well known for his fire powers along with a fatal set of fighting skills. 

                  Powers and abilities
  • Flying Kicks: one of Liu Kang’s most iconic skills is his flying kicks. This move allows him to levitate mid-air and land a series of kicks on his opponent.  
  • Fireballs: Liu Kang can summon and throw fireballs from his fists.
  • Dragon fire: Liu Kang can summon fire which takes a dragon form that instantly kills his opponent in a fatality.
  • Martial arts expert: Liu Kang is one of the most skilled fighters in the whole of the Mortal Kombat franchise and possesses a huge variety of skills.
  • Healing powers: Liu Kang can use his flames to heal wounds and injuries. 

You can learn more about Liu Kang here.

     10. Kung Lao – Earthworld warrior

Kung Lao is depicted as a former Shaolin monk in the Mortal Kombat series and shares a relationship with Liu Kang as cousins. He is a really skilled fighter and has an iconic sombrero-like hat which also serves as his primary weapon.

                  Powers and abilities
  • Hat spin: Kung Lao has telekinetic control over his hat which allows him to throw his hat which also serves as a blade and when spun at high speeds, can rip right through his opponents.
  • Martial arts: Kung Lao is an expert at martial arts.

You can learn more about Kung Lao here.

     11. Mileena – Outworld warrior

Mileena is a mutant clone that resembles the famous Mortal Kombat character Kitana. Being a mutant, she has a human-like body apart from her face which appears demonic especially when she opens her mouth fully exposing her fangs. She is a sadistic and cruel character that serves as a major part of Shang Tsung’s warriors.

                  Powers and abilities
  • Martial arts expert: Mileena is a highly skilled fighter. 
  • Meckbite: Mileena can use her fangs to rip apart her victims’ necks.
  • Teleportation: Mileena can open a portal using her special Sai blades and exit wherever she wants.

You can learn more about Mileena here.

     12. Kabal – Outworld warrior

Kabal is a mysterious warrior who suffered deadly injuries from an attack which resulted in him having to wear a respirator mask permanently. He is a member of the black dragon clan and serves as one of Shang Tsung’s warriors.

                  Powers and abilities
  • Quick flash: Kabal can move at super-speed which enables him to land fatal strikes on his opponent using his blades.
  • Plasma blast: Kabal can fire purple energy waves from his mask.
  • Martial arts: Kabal is also well versed in martial arts.

You can learn more about Kabal here.

   13. Nitara – Outworld warrior

Nitara is a vampire who has to prey on other lives to survive. She has an iconic gothic look with her huge bat-like wings giving her the gift of flight. She is a servant of Shant Tsung.

                  Powers and abilities
  • Flight: Nitara is granted the gift of flight by her wings.
  • Blood feast: Being a vampire, Nitara can bite into her victim’s neck and drain them of their blood leaving their corpses completely dry.

Learn more about Nitara here.

     14. Goro – Outworld Warrior

This four-armed prince of Shokan is well known for his power and brutality and is one of the most recognisable and iconic characters in the Mortal Kombat franchise. He serves as a minor antagonist in the new film but is sadly killed by Cole young. This is a real bummer as he is a major character in the franchise and many were obviously waiting to see more of this iconic beast.

                      Powers and abilities
  • Super stomp: Goro is marked by his ability to jump to really large heights and stomp down on his opponents.
  • Super strength: Being some sort of a giant, Goro possesses an increased amount of strength which allows him to rip his opponents into two in a gruesome fatality.
  • Weapon mastery: Goro is a master in a variety of Shokan weapons.

You can learn more about Goro here.

     15. Reiko – Outworld warrior

Reiko is also one of the many characters in the Mortal Kombat franchise. He is part of the outworld army and works under the command of Shang Tsung.

                  Powers and abilities
  • Increased strength – Reiko has what seems to be superhuman strength.
  • Weapon mastery: Reiko wields a hammer and is well versed in the use of other various weapons.
  • Teleportation: Reiko is also said to have minor teleportation powers though it is not clearly defined to what extent.

You can learn more about Reiko here.

Release date

The Mortal Kombat 2021 Film was originally released between April 8th 2021 and April 23rd in the US. The film is scheduled for release at later dates in other parts of the world.

So what do you think of the new Mortal Kombat 2021 Film? Is it an enjoyable movie or is it lacking in some areas? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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