Safaricom 5G launch in Kenya

Safaricom 5G launch in Kenya

Safaricom announced a trial phase for 5G connectivity for its customers early last year. The tests were launched begin in: Nairobi, Kakamega, Kisii, and Kisumu.

Safaricom is now gearing to release 5G technology to the general public in 2022. Kenya’s leading telco is bumping up efforts to increase its stations to 200, which are now widespread in the country.

Even as smartphone companies are launching new 5G devices such as the OPPO Reno 6 5G, Safaricom stated that 5G technology is still trial-based.

So far, this is what we have on Safaricom's 5G launch.

  • The frequency that Safaricom will most probably use is 3.5GHz.
  • The service is already live, though you might need to hunt for the signal when using it in the city.
  • Some 5G device owners report a signal presence along the Southern bypass, but weirdly in usual spots such as CBD, Thika road, and Ngong road have no signal present at all. Waiyaki way, on the other hand, is sporadically covered with 5G signals which isn’t much of a surprise seeing as it’s closely located to the Safaricom HQ and was the first place where 5G tests were carried out.
  • Safaricom will most likely be using carrier aggregation;(5G+4G)
  • The latest 5G smartphones, for example; The newly released Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G, Samsung A52 5G, and many other 5G supported smartphones, such as the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21 lineup, seem to be working well with Safaricom’s 5G service. Although it’s still in the early phase, we are pretty certain that most phones with 5G support will work with the service.
  • The speed tests carried out near Safaricom’s HQ maxed out at an impressive 280 mbp/s for download.
  • To use the service, you won’t have to buy a 5G Sim-Card.

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