Shipping from Amazon to Kenya in a few easy steps

Shipping from Amazon to Kenya in a few easy steps

How do I ship from Amazon?

Interested in buying a product from Amazon? Well in this article we’ll teach you the easiest ways through which you can have the product delivered straight to your doorstep here in Kenya without too much fuss. In February 2021, I was able to purchase some items on amazon which I had delivered straight to my house and the process I used was quite smooth and stress-free.
So today, you will learn multiple ways of shipping from Amazon to Kenya.

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What is Amazon?

Amazon is an ecommerce store that also focuses on digital streaming, cloud computing along with many other services offered on the platform.

All that said, Amazon stands out as the world’s leading online market with over 200 million customers each month.

Amazon also serves as a platform for 3rd party vendors that are interested in selling their products through Amazon.

This shouldn’t be a worry since the products they intend to sell normally undergo a vigorous check and get shipped to Amazon’s warehouse where a warrant is signed for them to be put on sale on the Amazon website.

Why purchase from Amazon while in Kenya?

Why would anyone buy any products from Amazon while in Kenya? The major reason is that most items sold abroad are undeniably cheaper than those sold here in Kenya. For example, an iPhone that costs well over $1000 in Kenya could go for $600 in the US.

Another good reason is the quality of the items. Amazon products are renowned for their excellent quality and should anything go wrong, you can easily return it and get a refund or switch it out for another similar product.

Please note that returns are dependent on the Amazon vendor you bought from.

Normally, items sold by the Amazon company are refundable but it might be a different case those bought through 3rd party sellers present on the platform.

Dangers of shopping on Amazon

Though Amazon has proven to be quite useful, shopping on the platform can be quite tricky sometimes especially when it comes to delivery. 

  • You might receive an item different from what you ordered.
  • Your delivery might be lost on transport.
  • Products take quite a long time to be delivered.
  • Some items are locked out of delivery outside the US, which simply means the items only available for purchase by US residents.

Still interested in purchasing from Amazon? Okay, let’s move on.

How to ship from Amazon to Kenya

  1. Amazon Global Delivery Service

The easiest way to shop from Amazon is through their global delivery service well known as Amazon Global. This service enables international shipping to countries such as Kenya.

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              How do I use Amazon global shipping?

  • On your mobile phone or computer, go to and find the item you wish to purchase.
  • Amazon will show whether the item is eligible for shipping to Kenya through amazon global and a rough estimate of the total fee needed to be paid for the item along with tax and shipping will be calculated and displayed in your preferred currency.


  • After your order is confirmed, You’ll be needed to choose an address to which the item will be delivered and pay the required shipping cost. You will then receive an email along with a tracking code for your delivery which will give you constant updates of your package location.
          2. Using a shipping company

Some items available for purchase on Amazon may be limited to delivery in the US only. This isn’t a big issue due to the presence of shipping companies such as Kentex cargo.

What is Kentex cargo?

Kentex Cargo is a shipping company that offers delivery services for purchased items on Amazon, eBay, Newegg along with other online e-commerce stores.

Kentex Cargo also offers the option of assisted purchase which means they’ll do all the shopping for you so all you need to do is simply pay and sit back as the employees will take care of the entire process of ordering the item.

How to ship using Kentex Cargo

There are two methods of getting your item delivered through Kentex Cargo.

a. Shipping and Tracking (Self-bought) method

If you can make international purchases on your own using a credit or debit card, this method is for you.

  • First of all, sign up for a free account and you’ll receive a unique code that will be used to identify who you are and your address details.
  • Purchase the item from the website and have it shipped to the company warehouse using the unique warehouse address you’ll be provided with.
  • Your package will be delivered to the Kentex cargo warehouse for processing where it will then be shipped to Kenya.
  • All packages received will be consolidated into one which will save you money on the shipping cost and real-time notifications will be sent to you when the package has arrived in Kenya.
b. Assisted Shopping method

Sometimes online stores in the US won’t allow Kenyan debit or Credit cards that have no registration in the US. Don’t be discouraged since Kentex cargo also offers a payment gateway through M-pesa through their assisted purchase. This method is quite easier and safer in general than self-purchase.

  • Sign up for a free account and you’ll receive a unique code that will be used to identify who you are and your address details.
  • Visit the website and find the item you want to purchase.
  • Copy the website URL to the item and send the link to Kentex cargo through their company website.
  • You’ll receive a quotation for the item you selected.
  •  You’ll then be able to pay for the whole quotation fee locally through M-PESA or bank deposit since Cash isn’t accepted as a payment option.

For more details about shipping, you can visit their website @

Your package will arrive within a period of 1 to 2 weeks but may take longer depending on the time it takes for the initial delivery to the Kentex Cargo warehouse.

So that’s it! Those are some of the easiest ways to purchase products from Amazon and have them shipped to you in Kenya. what do you think about this new development? Be sure to leave your thoughts down in the comments section below of this new development!

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