Spotify available in Kenya!

Spotify available in Kenya!

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a digital audio and video streaming service that gives its users access to billions of podcasts and songs from artists all over the world.

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Is Spotify available in Kenya?

Up to just recently, Spotify users in Kenya could only access the streaming service through a VPN(Virtual Private Network) which allows one to surpass geological restrictions on apps like Spotify by hiding the user’s IP address.

Spotify has just released new markets worldwide in many countries part of which includes our beloved country Kenya.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek mentioned that the platform is planning to work hand in hand with local artists and musicians to cater to the musical needs of the nation.

The platform that was launched more than a decade ago currently has more than 345 million subscribers in over 92 countries.

Although Spotify has gained popularity worldwide its streaming loyalties have led to constant criticism by many artists who claim that they are inadequate.

How much will Spotify charge its new users?

Spotify hasn’t provided any pricing information yet but both free and premium subscription options will be made available to the new users.

The difference between the premium subscription and the free one is that the free plan offers music with occasional interruptions and the premium users get to enjoy music without any interruptions from Ads.

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