What is Bolt? – Bolt Taxi service

What is Bolt? - Bolt Taxi service

What is Bolt?

Bolt is an online taxi service used to connect drivers and riders for fast transportation to various destinations as well as making deliveries.
Over the years, the company ( Formerly Taxify ) has seen tremendous growth and its services are now available worldwide

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What are the benefits of using Bolt?

  • Bolt customers generally get wherever they’re going quicker and cheaper than they normally would by taxis.
  • Bolt requires all prospective drivers to hand in both driving and criminal background checks.
  • Party people also have an easier time finding rides through the Bolt app even late at night.
  • The combination of bolt and the growing online grocery delivery service is making it more sensible to live without a car.

How fast is Bolt?

While wait times vary, Bolt customers generally spend a short time waiting for their rides unlike customers of traditional taxi services. This is because the Bolt app refers the rider to the closest Taxi in the area and also notifies its drivers of new passengers closest to them. Riders also have the choice to share rides with others heading to the same destination. As a result, Bolt customers get to save on time when traveling to their various destinations.

How safe is Bolt?

Bolt has done a great job in providing a safe environment for both its drivers and riders. Bolt currently needs all prospective drivers to hand in all their driving records.

Bolt also runs annual background checks for any criminal allegations among its employees. This involves an investigation of multistate criminal databases, car records, and a review of the National Sex Offenders records.

Is using Bolt cheaper than owning a car?

The true value of owning a personal vehicle has grown to be quite costly with expenses going up to $9,781 a year, which is close to $816 a month, in 2020. Urban dwellers who don’t need cars can save themselves a lot of money by using Bolt.

This also applies to users who don’t have personal vehicles but need a ride for the weekends and alternative special occasions. Learn more about the cost of owning a car here.

Bolt food

Deliveries have also been made easier by bolt food which allows you to order both food and groceries and receive them at your doorstep. With all that said, Bolt has proven to be quite a useful service. Be sure to give it a shot and download the app on your smartphone through the links below

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